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What moms are saying

“I just wanted to send you a quick note about how much my daughter LOVES her Delicate Seams!!! Unsolicited, she told me how comfortable they were, like she didn't have 'anything' on (in contrast to her previous training bra). She even wore the underwear 2 days in a row because she felt so good in them. Thankfully, I found out and we washed them. lol :) In any event, I just wanted to thank you for creating such a functionally comfortable product for my little tween.”

- Maureen, San Luis Obispo, CA

“Thank you Delicate Seams! After trying to find a first bra for our 9 year old daughter and being very disappointed not only in the quality available but what we felt were not age appropriate undergarments we found your company! We learned of Delicate Seams through Secret Keeper Girl. The colors you offer are cute and modest, the quality is top notch and your customer service is amazing. Thanks again!”

- Shannon, Dewey, AZ

“Due to Julia’s skin sensitivities, finding a bralette with a design and quality fabric that didn’t irritate her proved challenging. We’ve tried several national brands and had to settle for less-than-ideal. This frustrated me since I want my daughter’s first experiences and milestones to be positive. Through Secret Keeper Girl, I was delighted to learn of Delicate Seams! Not only do I love your classy, modest offerings, I also am grateful that Julia is so excited about her new undergarments! Finding Delicate Seams has been a blessing from above!”

- Nicole, Midland, TX

“My daughter loves the way these garments feel!”

- Traci, McKinney, TX

“My daughter loved the entire Delicate Seams experience. She really enjoyed looking through the products on the website and picking out what she would like. It was very exciting for her to receive her package in the mail. She wanted to try everything on immediately. When she walked out of the bathroom in her new Delicate Seams bralette, she was swinging her old one in her hand and said to me 'Well, hello new bra, goodbye old!' She loves the feel of the products and can’t wait for me to order more!”

- Sarah, State College, PA

“Thank you Delicate Seams for being a big blessing to my 10 year old daughter and I. As a mother of an adolescent daughter I want her to feel confident in her skin at whatever age she is at, especially when body changes are starting to occur. Delicate Seams gives us just that! My daughter is thrilled with her pretty, soft and comfortable undergarments. She loves wearing them daily and likes the pretty girly fabrics along with all the style options for her changing body and outfit styles. We also LOVE the modest coverage they provide. We are truly grateful to Delicate Seams for helping us embrace life's inevitable body changes for a young girl in such a positive and pretty light.”

- Nannette, Murrieta, CA

“My daughter LOVES all of the garments. She’s worn the bralette, sportlette, girlshort and the hipsters. The fabric and the trim are amazing and they launder really well. They run a little large which is nice because they offer nice coverage. I only wish they made these in my size! I’m going to be ordering more Delicate Seams underwear for my daughter in the next day – she won’t wear the other brands now.”

- Elizabeth, Poway, CA

“I bought two sport bras for my niece and she has been so happy with them. She can wear them to her lacrosse workout and feel comfortable without that extreme compression feeling that most sport bras have. I was so happy to be able to share this unique brand with her!”

- Alice, Santa Barbara, CA

“My 9 year old needed to start wearing something underneath her shirts since she is starting to develop. I cannot tell you how many places we went to! Finding Delicate Seams has been a blessing for my daughter and myself! She loves how soft each piece feels, the fit and all the beautiful colors are easy to blend with everyday clothes. I love that each piece was so thoughtfully made, keeping comfort in mind and the innocence of my growing young lady. I will be definitely coming back for more!”

- Johanna, Murrieta, CA

“I have tried to instill the idea that modesty is beautiful in all of my children and for my daughter this has been especially important because she started developing very early. Instead of feeling beautiful around her friends, she has felt insecure... Until now. She loves that your garments allow her to feel feminine and beautiful while protecting her modesty. I can’t thank you enough and we will absolutely be purchasing in the future. Your customer service + your intelligent/beautiful/quality made items = an amazing business!”

- Jennifer, Fort Wayne, IN

“Delicate Seams is what we have been looking for. There are no age appropriate, comfortable undergarment options for my daughter. The Delicate Seams garments are soft, giving, durable, comfortable and "delicately" appropriate. As a mom of a 10 year-old developing daughter, Delicate Seams is a God send.”

- Andrea, Murrieta, CA

"I have spent countless hours searching for age appropriate, yet comfortable and modern garments! We had come to settle for uncomfortable garments that were a bit too young looking ...but then I found Delicate Seams! The products are extremely soft, comfortable, and not “childlike” — just perfect!"

- Christy, Bend, OR

“I cannot tell you how amazing the fabric is that these undergarments are made of. You must feel them for yourself to understand what I’m talking about. I have not seen anything else out there like these undergarments for young maturing girls – designed so classy and with such quality. I was just thrilled to buy these for my granddaughter.”

- Margie, Eastvale, CA

What girl's are saying

“This one is more comfortable than ALL my other bralettes Grandma!”

- Paisley, 10 yrs.

“These are so comfortable ... you should get some too mom!”

- Caitlin, 9 yrs.

“The bralette and girlshort are much more comfortable then my old ones. My old bras itch because of the pinchy elastic. I LOVE the color choices offered by Delicate Seams!”

- Josephine, 9 yrs.

“I think the bralette is the softest thing I’ve ever worn.”

- Abbey, 15 yrs.

“Oh my! This bralette is so soft! And, it’s beautiful. I give it a 10+!”

- Julia, 11 yrs.

“I’m so glad I’m able to wear this underwear! It is so lightweight and breathable, and I forget it’s there! The material is so stretchy and doesn’t weaken after going through the wash. Definitely my new favorite undergarments!”

- M.J., 14 yrs.

“This is so comfortable… I forgot I had the bralette on.”

- L.W., 10 yrs.

“These are the comfiest undies I’ve ever worn!”

- Fifi, 11 yrs.

“These are so comfortable, I forgot I had underwear on.”

- Laura, 10 yrs.

“The fabric is so soft that I don’t feel like I’m wearing anything underneath.”

- Victoria, 11 yrs.

“The bras are more comfortable than my old ones and the thing that I like most is the support they give because there are no shifting pads.”

- Jadyn, 9 yrs.

“The first time I tried on Delicate Seams, I instantly fell in love. Being 16, and under 100 lbs, it’s difficult for me to find undergarments that make me feel comfortable. I’ve been looking for a bra that would fit me great, while offering great style for my age – I finally found one! The Delicate Seams 1st bra and hipster underwear fit me perfectly and they make me feel confident. My girlfriend recommended the brand and I’m so glad she did. The fabric is super soft and unlike anything else. The garments make you feel beautiful while still being modest. I also love the color selection that they offer. These bras support you with no underwire … this is amazing!”

- Christianna, 16 yrs.