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Delicate Seams

Modesty Made Beautifully

Modesty Made Beautifully

Explore an apparel brand exclusively for the maturing young girl. Delicate Seams introduces a line of undergarments, which includes 7 beautifully crafted styles. Each piece incorporates soft fabrics, sweet trims and thoughtful colors into designs that are functional and most importantly, appropriate for a growing girl’s body. At Delicate Seams, we promote modesty and believe that there’s a right way to “bridge the gap” between young girl and young lady.

The Delicate Seams Difference

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What Girls are Saying

“This one is more comfortable than ALL my other bralettes Grandma!”

Paisley, 10 yrs.

“Oh my! This bralette is so soft! And, it’s beautiful. I give it a 10+!”

Julia, 11 yrs.

“The fabric is so soft that I don’t feel like I’m wearing anything underneath.”

Victoria, 11 yrs.

“I’m so glad I’m able to wear this underwear! It is so lightweight and breathable, and I forget it’s there!

M.J., 14 yrs.

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